Our Mission

To provide business solutions and solve business problems, especially in the Chemical & Cosmetic formulation industry.


  • - Develop products quickly and efficiently with a simple and easy to use tool that brings all necessary information
  • - Reducing time-to-market
  • - SMARTER formulations management
  • - Audit Trails enables you to be 21CFR Part 11 complaint
  • - Increase real-time formula cost optimization and formulator productivity and creativity
  • - Improves customer response time
  • - Improves Scale up and Manufacture multiple finished goods
  • - Generate processing instructions, COAs on demand
  • - Generates and track material safety data sheets
  • - Provides detail product costs, margins and profitability
  • - Track formuation version codes and version status
  • - Store ingredient compliance data - check restrictions for various countries
  • - Provides label reporting – which calculates product weight in oz, SKU barcodes, ingredient listing (in decreasing % order), ingredient specific warnings
  • - Represent blends/compound mixtures with individual INCI names with Raw Materials
  • - Customized formulation report outputs
  • - Regulatory and REACH compliance rules forces you to comply with maximum allowable percentage
  • - Centralized formula management and easy access with security access within your enterprise
  • - Easy management of Suppliers Directory
  • - Intellectual Property is safe and centralized
  • - Better Knowledge Management
  • - Easily create formulation dockets/PIP (product information packages)
  • - Reduce TCO and streamline and organize your formulation repository/knowledgebase

Some Screen shots are given below...

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